Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Late Christmas Entry

Oh dear I forgot to show you all the little guy I crocheted for myself for Christmas.
My Mum has already put her order in for one for this Christmas, at least I have 11 months to get myself into gear.  hehe

Until next time

Saturday, January 28, 2017

And Another...

As these little creations come off my crochet hook and I complete a new friend I keep saying that this one is my favourite.  hehe  I just love them all.
Here is a sweet little giraffe I finished before Christmas, still yet to be named as I just can't come up with a good name for her yet.  Maybe you would like to help!

Until next time

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Meet Conchita

Now I shall welcome you all to my next little creation in my menagerie of Amigurumi friends.  
This is Conchita. She is a pattern by De Estraperlo.
She was fun to make and I loved watching her come together.  She has little protruding thumbs on her hands which is created by a certain style of stitch you do with the crochet.  It's different as I haven't used it on any of the other animals I have made.
The little shirt design bought in elements of my previous stitching experience as I had to do a lazy daisy pattern and also blanket stitch around the bottom.
She is one of my favourites soo far.


Until next time

Friday, January 6, 2017

Mr & Mrs Bunny

With all the Christmas and New Year excitement I forgot to show you all the next finish I did after my reindeer.  Well it turns out I have finished quite a few since then, so I will start with this delightful pair first.
I completed Mr Bunny first and then Mrs Bunny second.  I am completely thrilled with how they turned out and I am honing my skills with each new finish.

Patterns by lilleliis 

I have a further 3 to show you which I will add over the next few days.  Conchita who is a little shrew type animal, a giraffe and a dinosaur.  I am currently working on a mouse.
Do you think I am addicted now?
Until next time,