Saturday, January 14, 2017

Meet Conchita

Now I shall welcome you all to my next little creation in my menagerie of Amigurumi friends.  
This is Conchita. She is a pattern by De Estraperlo.
She was fun to make and I loved watching her come together.  She has little protruding thumbs on her hands which is created by a certain style of stitch you do with the crochet.  It's different as I haven't used it on any of the other animals I have made.
The little shirt design bought in elements of my previous stitching experience as I had to do a lazy daisy pattern and also blanket stitch around the bottom.
She is one of my favourites soo far.


Until next time


creations.1 said...

A little cutie!

diamondc said...

Lisa: She is so cute how adorable she is.


Maria said...

Oh Lisa she is sew cute as are the bunnies....

butterfly said...

So cute you are making some wonderful cuties.

gracie said...

What a cutie!

Angela said...

Fantastic finish! I love her :)

Mii Stitch said...

Conchita is a real cutie pie!