Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Treats!

Hello dear friends,
I am about to make a dear stitching friend of mine very jealous!!
Below is a gorgeous gift I received from my parents and husband for my birthday.  Its a piece of metal art that you hang on a wall, it just happens to be something that I know my dear friend Lisa S would love.
**EDITED**  it appears that I have also made another dear friend jealous - June - you cant have it, its all mine, mine, mine!!!!

I have also had a bit of stash enhancement this week.  First up I bought some charts from Teresa who was having a stash sale on her blog.  The Rosewood Manor "Willkommen" design that you can see was actually on my wishlist.  Now it has arrived and I have seen it in person, I cant wait to stitch this one up.

I was also a winner over on Ezia's blog also known as New York Dreamer.  I received the collection of charts "Live, Love, Sing".

I am currently stitching away on an exchange piece and have recently finished blocks L, K & J of my CHS Alphabet blocks.  Once this next row is completed with the fill in of the letters I will post the next progress picture.
Until next time, happy stitching


butterfly said...

Lovely post Lisa , what lovely charts you have brought and won. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Oh I want the butterfly wall hang to it's beautiful will have to get around my DH.
Will post your parcel off this Friday, hugs.

Catherine said...

It's funny ~ when I saw that hanging, I thought of June and she has already commented!!
Those are some great charts you received ~ have fun stitching!

Brigitte said...

Happy belated Birthday, Lisa! You've received some wonderful birthday gifts from friends and family. And your latest stash enhancement just looks terrific. I had never seen the Rosewood Manor chart before, it's great.

Carol said...

Such a lovely piece of butterfly art, Lisa!! And look at all those great new charts! I've been thinking about buying Wishing Thee Plenty, too. Nice win from Ezia--enjoy :)

Angela said...

I can see why you love the butterfly hanging, it's very pretty.

Great new charts, that RM chart would scare me, it looks beautiful though.

I look forward to seeing your alphablocks progress.

Lisa S said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! You're right I am jealous! LOL That is beautiful! I have a perfect spot for it if you ever tire of it (I know you won't though!)
Love your stash enhancement!
Those NY Dreamer charts are wonderful! I love the colors in them. Congrats on your win!

Hugs Dear friend :)

una sognatrice newyorkese said...

love the metal butterflies!!!!!

Michelle said...

Lovely - I knew June would fall in love with it x

Lisa said...

Some lovely charts there Lisa, belated birthday wishes.

Veronica said...

LOL! Well, Lisa, they're not the only ones who are jealous. The butterflies sure are pretty :)

Lovely new stash ^.^


Vinniey said...

Happy belated birthday,Lisa! Beautiful gift from your family! I am jealous too! :) Lot of beautiful charts! I can't wait to see you start stitching Willkommen.