Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lisa It's Your Birthday!!

Well its actually my friend Lisa S's birthday tomorrow (Oct 31) but I thought I had better get this posted today as I might not get a chance tomorrow.

I loved getting this parcel together for Lisa's birthday.  I wanted to make her a small item and then a more main piece aswell.  So for the smaller item I decided to try a new finish.  I had some wicker coasters, so I sanded one side slightly and attached my stitching to it with a smaller round cardboard frame, then when that was all in place, I trimmed it with some cording and used a small flower and pins at the top to disguise the cording join.  You could add a hanger aswell if you wanted but I chose to leave it as a stand up ornie.
The design is a Homespun Elegance one taken from the pamphlet called "Stitching Things".
The main item I stitched for Lisa is a Prairie Schooler design and its one of the Prairie Fairies.  I finished this one as a pinkeep.  I love the lace and gold trim I found for the bow detail.

All of you that are familiar with Lisa's blog already know that she raises butterflies from their caterpillar stage through to them hatching and them lets them go free when they are ready.  Well my son was soo fascinated by this that when he found out I was sending her a birthday parcel he wanted to include something himself.  He is only 7 years old and he walked into my study room with this gorgeous multi-coloured picture he had coloured in for Lisa.  He said to me that he wanted the butterfly lady to have this picture to keep as she couldn't keep her other butterflies.  I was soo proud of him and the way he had come up with this very thoughtful gift.  Lisa wrote to say that she loves her paper butterfly that flew all the way from Australia to her and she has it next to her computer.  He was thrilled to bits when he saw the picture of it on her blog.
I also found a company in France that makes wooden plaques, thread holders, door signs and other stitching accessories and I asked them if they would make a thread keep in the shape of a butterfly and paint it for me in Lisa's favourite colour purple.  I love how this one turned out.  I also included in Lisa's parcel a butterfly necklace, some fabric, threads and a magnetic plaque which says "Its A Wonderful Life".

So dear friend, I wish for you a lovely birthday tomorrow, enjoy yourself and hugs from me.
Until next time, happy stitching


Mindi said...

You stitched some lovely things for Lisa's birthday, and your finishing is amazing. I love the picture your son colored, he looks like he might turn out to be quite the artist.

Catherine said...

What great goodies for your friend! How cute that your son added a special touch too!

Carol said...

Such a sweet present from your son to your friend...I'm sure she'll love your very lovely gifts, Lisa :)

Suzanne said...

What a very special parcel you put together for your friend, she must have been thrilled.