Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Yes I'm still plodding along, but I just havent had anything that I can show you all.
I have my HOE ABC piece out there posted mid June that has still not arrived at its home (and usually when I post to this country the longest is 2 weeks), so I fear it is MIA.
I also have my SWAP piece on its way to Hungary so hopefully that one should be arriving soon.
So until these pieces arrive I dont have much to show I'm afraid.  The stitching I have recently finished are all for exchanges or gifts aswell.
I have an exchange break now till mid September so I have to work out what ME stitching I can do next.  I have some ideas but I just have to make my mind up.
Well thats all for now dear friends, hopefully I can blog about some pieces received soon.
Until next time, happy stitching


Claire said...

Looking forward to seeing them.

Vinniey said...

Hi Lisa, I hope your post will reach to the receiver safely. :) I looking forward to see your new start soon. Happy stitching to you too. Cheers!

Mylene said...

Hope your exchanges will be receive soon. Looking forward to see pics.

Suzanne said...

Don't be too worried about the post though, sometimes it can take so much longer than it should. I know an exchange I sent a long while ago took three months.