Friday, April 23, 2010

Lizzie Kate Round 4

For round 4 of the Lizzie Kate exchange I had to stitch for April
I took this colourful umbrella from one of LK's seasons charts and stitched it up to fit perfectly on top of a small box I had.  April told me she is using it to store her needle packets in.

I have been stitching away on some exchange pieces which are due out at the end of the month.  I have also finished the final RAK for Lisa which will also go in the mail shortly. 

Today I received the final ornie from a private group I am in where you are allocated a month and the other ladies stitch you an ornie and send it to you in that month.  There are six of us in the group, so I received five ornies.  I will take a group shot of them all and promise to post a pic in the next day or so.

I must admit that lately I have lost my finishing mojo, not my stitching mojo, just the finishing side of it.  I stitched up a lovely piece that I had in mind for an exchange, but I just couldn't get the finishing right on it.  I ended up pulling it apart and putting the stitched piece away in the draw.  I was soo disappointed, but it just wasn't coming together right and I wont send something out if I am not completely happy with it.  Hopefully it wont be for too long, I have to get others pieces finished soon!

Until next time, happy stitching everyone.


Angela said...

What a super cute and adorable LK finish, I Love It! I seem to have lost my exchange mojo hopefully it will return soon as I have some to complete :)

Lisa said...

The LK is so cute! I can totally sympathize with you regarding the finishing mojo - the stitching part seems strong and enjoyable; but when I get to the finishing part, I just can't find the energy and the inspiration to complete it. However with the May 1 mail deadlines coming soon, some mojo better work its way to me ASAP :)
Take care!

Lisa S said...

I Love the LK you made for April!
I've had my LK piece stitched for a few weeks now. I just haven't finished it. I hope to get it done this weekend and in the mail by Monday as my "to finish" pile is getting bigger :(

Your certainly not alone! lol

Jan said...

Lisa, so sorry about the finishing troubles, but I do hope the next one is more on target for you!

This is a lovely exchange piece!

Mylene said...

That's a lovely LK finish for your partner, Lisa.
Hope you'll get some inspirations very soon.

Have a nice weekend!

Karen said...

Cute the way you adapted that design. Guess I need to get busy on my finishing too...yikes!

SydneyJ21074 said...
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BeckySC said...

Aww...TOOO cute my friend :)

Cindy F. said...

Absolutely adorable!! Good job Lisa!

shakatak66 said...

Sorry to hear you've lost your finishing mojo - I'm sure it'll come back soon :) I rarely have one myself - I hate finishing with a passion, and have to do it when there's absolutely no-one around 'cos I have to concentrate really hard and it takes me 3 times as long to finish anything as it would someone else! Your latest finishes are all gorgeous - I'm sure all your recipients adore them :D

Suzanne said...

Beautiful finish for April. Hope you get your finishing mojo back.