Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ornie & A Finish For ME!

Hi everyone, I hope the majority of you out there are enjoying your lovely cold winters.  I must say I am struggling through our rather horrid summer at the moment, we have had some shocking scorching days going above 40 degrees that cause horrible headaches as the heat is just stifling hot.  I am pretty much a hermit in my own home on days like that, I only want to be where an aircon is and thats it. 

Anyway, on to some recent finishes.  This is the ornie that I sent to Sharon for our Private Ornament exchange group.  He is a freebie design on Erynne's blog and just a delight to stitch.  He was stitched using a Gentle Art thread called "Royal Purple" and backed with snowmen fabric.  I put the christmas lights in each corner for something different.

And my next finish is one I stitched for myself.  Its LHN's Abc123 and its stitched on a piece of hand dyed linen that I was sent in an exchange.  I love how this one turned out, I'm just deciding on whether to frame it or make it into a flatfold.

Speaking of framing, I am going to pick up 2 pieces today from the framers.  I'm soo excited and cant wait to see how they look.  I will show pictures when they arrive home.

Until next time dear stitching friends, take care and happy stitching


Blu said...

The snowman is very cute and the christmas lights are a very creative idea.

ABC is beautiful and perfect on that fabric!

staci said...

Love your LHN finish...that fabric is gorgeous! Your snowman ornie is very sweet too :)

Catherine said...

Great finishes!

Pippilotta said...

Hello Lisa,

I want to thank you for the wonderful and inspirating visit at your blog.

I have realized, that you are from Perth. 1991 I was on vacation in Perth to visit a friend. She lived in Subiaco. Now she is back to Germany for many years. It was a wonderful vacations. The people in Australia are so friendly, and then nature is amazing. We drove to the Sterling Ranges. Wow. And Christiane ( the friend ) allowed me to drive, and that was interesting, because we in Germany drive on the right side.

It would be nice, to hear from you.


Robin said...

Your LHN 123 ABC looks great!!! I've never seen that on before; might have to add it to my wish list!!!!!!!!!

stitchinfiend said...

Love your snowman finish he is really cute. Beautful finish too of the LHN Abc 123. You have hotter in Perth then we have had it on the Norh Coast of NSW.

Conny said...

Your LHN finish looks great. The design fits well with the linen.

Brigitte said...

Both finishes look really great. The snowman is a cutie and the LHN piece is one of my favourites which I'll have to stitch as well. Maybe in between two biggies.

Suzanne said...

Very cute finish on the pillow, I love the little lights. ABC is also a lovely finish.

I must agree about the heat, it's not only been in the 40's here, but it's been horribly humid as well. We haven't had the luxury of the aircon this week as the builders are in and out of the house and the doors are being left wide open. Besides, I don't want the aircon spreading the dust around the house!