Thursday, September 24, 2009


Over at the Exchange Heaven group I joined in the Autumn/Halloween exchange, I picked out Autumn and this is the little pinkeep that I received from Sharon (Shebafudge). Sharon says this is her first try at finishing a pinkeep, and I think she did really well. Sharon also included some lovely leaf buttons for me.

Until next time, happy stitching

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blackbird Wall Hanging

I made this little wall hanging for Catherine in the Blackbird Exchange Round 2. The design is "House on Holly Hill" and its stitched on 28ct cream lugana using WDW floss.
Just a quick post today sorry, until next time, happy stitching.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

River Fish RR

I received my round robin back this week from Suzanne. She offered to stitch some remaining fish for me when it was recently returned incomplete. Thats what I love about the stitching community in blogland, you are all soo wonderful, helpful and friendly people. Thanks soo much Suzanne, I am very grateful for your help.

Well I have been stitching inbetween the dust settling on our latest house renovation. I now have my new kitchen installed, we only have to complete the splashback tiling and then paint the walls, but I now have new cupboards, benchtop, sink, tap, stove top and the best thing of all **a dishwasher** YAY!!! I'm soo excited, can you tell?

I took a before photo and when we get the tiling done I will take a new photo and post for you all to see. Then I think we will have a rest from all the dust and hard work for a little while before we start on something else. We still have the laundry to do with new cupboards (havent got any at the moment) and a new trough, and our bedroom needs new carpet and decorating, so we are just working through room by room for now. Save up money, get one done! Its all fun and games!

Until next time, happy stitching.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

YLPS Round 3 & Lounge Makeover

Lucky me receiving two PS exchanges in one week, cant complain about that!
Well here is my round 3 piece from Donna, she stitched me this cute Santa and made him into a hanging ornie for my tree, its the perfect size too.

As promised here are some photos of my new lounge room. We are still deciding on changing the placement of the tv cabinet as it is quite close to the lounges and because the tv is larger it makes a huge difference. Our thoughts are to put it against the back wall, move the heater over to the right hand corner, pull the 3 seater lounge up the longer wall more and take one single away into the family room, and the other single will go where the tv cabinet is now, this way will give us more floor space and have us sitting further back from the tv to save our eyes. We just have to get some longer cords for our Foxtel connection before we can do this though. Hope that made sense!! Its just not a huge room, and with the furniture being bulky it doesnt help trying to make the room look spacious. By the way, can you tell which one my stitching chair is? hehe

Until next time, happy stitching

Monday, September 7, 2009

YLPS Round 2

Here is the lovely piece I have just received from Becky for Round 2. There was a little hiccup and I didn't receive for this round, so Becky became my angel stitcher. The design is Pumpkin Patch on 32ct linen and stitched with DMC and she made it into a lovely pinkeep.
Thank you Becky, I adore it, and it was well worth the wait!
Until next time, happy stitching

Saturday, September 5, 2009

She Sells Wee Shells

My HOE By The Sea exchange has arrived at Michelle's place. I chose to stitch the Heart In Hand design "Wee Seashore", stitched it on ice blue 28ct evenweave and finished it off as a pillow. I had to hunt high and low for the little pink seashell button, every one of the local craft stores I went into had no sea themed buttons, so I was lucky to spot this one in a quilting shop as it was the only one they had. I included a cut of fabric, some dmc, blending filament and two other small buttons.
I really enjoyed stitching it, and the whole pillow vision was in my head when I signed up for the exchange, so I'm soo pleased it all worked out.

For those of you who asked about photos of my lounge room, I promise to take some during the next week, as my new kitchen is getting installed next Friday and I want to take some before and after shots of that too. We are still trying to work out furniture placement in the lounge, because we now have a slightly larger tv, the unit it sits on is a little higher than we would like and may have to buy a new low line unit instead. Its all happening for us at the moment, but we have waited 3 years to get this all saved up for and its definately exciting, its just that I have to deal with my family room looking like a storage area for a while yet, especially since the kitchen cupboards arrived and are piled in one corner.

Well now its onto some Halloween stitching for some upcoming exchanges.
Until next time, happy stitching

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Lucky Am I!

Look at this beautiful exchange I received from Pam for the HOE By The Sea exchange. Its absolutely wonderful. The bourse is just beautiful with a gorgeous fabric used on the outside, blue/green netting over a wavy pattern, the design is stitched on 32ct Coastal by Picture This Plus and the design is a combination of one from Imaginating and one from Better Homes and Gardens. Pam then put in the words Lisa - By The Sea. It is soo well thought out and rather unique. Also Pam read that I love hedgehogs, so she found me this gorgeous Just Nan pin with a cute little hedgie on top, he will make a great addition to my collection. And she also included some lovely Gentle Art floss.

Thank you soo much Pam, I really love it.
Until next time, happy stitching

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PS Santa

The exchange I made for the YLPS group Round 3 has been received by my partner Janet H (no blog). I stitched her a PS Santa and I changed him around a little by putting a snowflake in his hand rather than a pole. I stitched him on a natural linen using DMC and finished him as a pinkeep. Janet collects Santa's too, so it turned out to be a good choice for her.

I have been super busy lately, but not just on the stitching front. On the weekend we ripped up the carpet in our lounge room and bought new paint for the walls and also some new curtains and spent both days redecorating. Monday, my wonderful Dad came in and laid floorboards down for us, and now we have a wonderful new fresh lounge room which looks amazing. I'm soo excited because when we moved in it had a horrible feature coloured wall of this horrid orange terracotta colour and the carpet was on its last legs, so I have put up with it for soo long and now its all new and lovely. Mind you I am aching and sore from scraping up carpet remnants off the concrete floor and scrubbing and sanding walls back, muscles ache that I didn't even know I had!!
I have also been working on heaps of stitching but its not easy to talk about as they have been for birthday gifts and exchanges which are still waiting to go out.
Until next time dear friends, happy stitching