Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Angela!

My dear friend Angela turned 40 yesterday and my parcel for her arrived just in time. YAY!! Happy Birthday Dear Friend.

I noticed that she had the Brittercup Designs "Stitching Friends" design on her wishlist for a while, so I managed to grab the pattern and stitch her the main design as a special birthday surprise. As we both enjoy flatfold finishes that was my finish choice for this one. I loved how it came together and I know Angela will give it a good home. My second stitchy gift was a bourse, I knew Angela didn't have one and this was my first attempt. I also decided to try my hand at designing a pattern for her and so this little design is my own doing, I just got help for the wording with an alphabet book I had, but the rest was all free handed. I was quite pleased with the outcome of this one too.

Through the year I gathered some extras together and included them in her parcel, a magnet, key ring, sticky note pads, The Cats Whiskers chart "Ned Kelly Kitty" with the required Dinky Dye threads, another kitty chart I found at my LNS and a wooden bookmark with tin bird emblem, you can see the photo of the extras on Angela's blog, because I forgot to take a picture myself. Duh!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Angela, all the best and happy stitching.


Nina said...

Lovely gifts for your friend :)

Angela P said...

Your stitching has a very "happy" home here with me :) Thanks again I love everything!

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful gift! I am sure Angela was very happy.

tkdquintmom said...

That was awesome Lisa...everything is so pretty. :O)
My gift for her didn't arrive until yesterday so I'm hoping to get it to the post today! :)

Claire said...

Great gifts I bet your friend loved them :).
Please take a look at my blog

Xangles said...

REally beautfully finished gift for your friend, Lisa. Absolutely love it!
{hugs} Pokua

Conny said...

Wow, it's a lovely surprise for Angela. Love your stitchingpieces!

Cindy F. said...

Oh wow! Beautiful gifts for Angela!
Your finishes are amazing! Wish I had the patience;)