Wednesday, September 16, 2009

River Fish RR

I received my round robin back this week from Suzanne. She offered to stitch some remaining fish for me when it was recently returned incomplete. Thats what I love about the stitching community in blogland, you are all soo wonderful, helpful and friendly people. Thanks soo much Suzanne, I am very grateful for your help.

Well I have been stitching inbetween the dust settling on our latest house renovation. I now have my new kitchen installed, we only have to complete the splashback tiling and then paint the walls, but I now have new cupboards, benchtop, sink, tap, stove top and the best thing of all **a dishwasher** YAY!!! I'm soo excited, can you tell?

I took a before photo and when we get the tiling done I will take a new photo and post for you all to see. Then I think we will have a rest from all the dust and hard work for a little while before we start on something else. We still have the laundry to do with new cupboards (havent got any at the moment) and a new trough, and our bedroom needs new carpet and decorating, so we are just working through room by room for now. Save up money, get one done! Its all fun and games!

Until next time, happy stitching.


Suzanne said...

Stitching the RR was my pleasure, I had a lot of fun.

I look forward to seeing photos of your completed kitchen. I did mine a few years ago and installed a dishwasher. It was the best thing I have ever purchased.

We still have a bit of renovations to go, but the end is in sight. We procrastinated for eight years and finally the time has come to get them all done.

Angela P said...

Love the River Fish RR, it looks great! Looking forward to seeing all your hard work in your "new" Kitchen! I miss my dishwasher :) It's a wonderful thing.

CindyMae said...

That is just great! Everyone done lovely work! You are so right, the stitchers in blog land are amazing!

Jan said...

That is a very unusual and very lovely RR theme, Lisa. It looks wonderful, congrats on it's completion.

Congrats on almost having the kitchen completed. It will be wonderful to see pictures of it.

Sharon said...

Such a beautiful RR, I know you are thrilled!

Micki said...

The fish look great....lovely!