Monday, August 10, 2009

Sale or Trade items - **EDITED**

I have just made a new album in my Webshots of some charts I have for sale or trade. The link is in my sidebar above my wishlist link. I am willing to trade anything in my wishlist for my sale items or if you have anything that is in my Likes column in the sidebar as a trade, just email me with the chart names to see whether I already have them or not, doesn't hurt to try.
I take Paypal, just email me with your location for postage costs. For my email just view my profile and my email is listed in there, or leave a comment here and I will contact you.
**Edited** to mention that prices are in Australian dollars, so you will need to convert to your own countries value to work out full costs, I use a Go Convert site to work out the dollar difference when I purchase from US or UK.
Happy Stitching

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