Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Current WIPS

I thought I would update you all on my current WIPS. As you know I have been working on Hunt Sampler and this week I managed to fill in another motif and some letters down the side. (sorry the pics are not great as I had to scan them both, as my camera was being borrowed!!)
Another project I am going to be working on is Prairie Schooler's "In The Woods". This started out as a robin, however the final round was cancelled and it has now returned home to me. I am now going to work the rest of the designs myself. There are another 3 birds to do down the bottom and then I will have it framed. I love this piece as the colours come together really well with the little hint of red in each animals block to make it pop.

I started piecing some quilt blocks last night, this will be a slow process as I'm not really a quilter and this is just a little project I will do inbetween other commitments. My sewing machine chucked a little wobbly the other day and didn't want to feed fabric, so a friend sorted that out for me and we are back on track now.

Until next time, happy stitching


Always smiling said...

Hi Lisa,

Saw you on Exchange Heaven and wow we love all the same stitchy designs.. I too love La d da and LHN and Black bird designs.. Hope to exchange with you some time I loved your PS beautifully stitched.

Happy stitching.

Chris x
My hubby and I were in Australia for February and first week of march this year I loved it...

Hazel said...

Love your wips Lisa! xx

stitcherydoo said...

Aww! It's too bad the RR was canceled early. I love the project. The pictures are just too cute!

JOLENE said...

Hi Lisa,

Just stopping by to thank you for entering my giveaway. I really like your "Hunt Sampler" especially the peacock. It really looks great! Keep your fingers crossed....not much longer!