Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Easter Fun!

I received my wonderful Easter parcel from Angela last week, and have been unable to take a pic due to the camera going walkies.
Angela stitched me a beautiful pillow, and what makes this pillow soo special is that it is Angela's first attempt on the sewing machine. She did an amazing job and my little long pillow looks great in my smalls basket. She also stitched me a fantastic pinkeep with a scissor pocket in the back, which to my surprise also hid a pair of scissors for me, too cute. In my parcel Angela sent a pile of fabric for finishes, a bag load of ribbon, ric rak and tassels and some GAST threads. Thank you Angela, I love what you made for me.

I started work on my ASOE Spring ornie over the weekend and finished the stitching, now just to finish it off.

I havent mentioned much about my weight loss regime for a while, however I am still plodding along. I read an amazing book called The Gabriel Method which talks about losing weight without dieting, you use visualization and take vitamins and other supplements for your body that help to make your body want to be thin. It sounds strange I know, but it actually works, I have lost heaps of cms from all over since putting into action this method and also continuing to go to the gym three times a week and healthier eating (not dieting) is changing my body. Not much has come off the scales as yet, as I had to have some tests done which related to some hormone inbalances which were stopping this from happening, but I have hopefully got that under control and soo far have come down 2.7 kilos. Hopefully now that my hormones are being sorted out the weight will start to drop off aswell. YAY!! If anyone would like some information on this book, please feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to help you. The author is from here in Western Australia, but I know he has travelled to the States promoting his unique methods.

Until next time, happy stitching.


Angela P said...

Thanks for the book title, i'll check and see if I can get it at work. Glad to hear you are getting things sorted out :) I don't call mine a diet either because it's not really is it?! It's a healthier eating lifestyle that will create long term changes :)

Patti said...

I love what Angela sent you. I don't call mine a diet either because I decided to quit dieting and just start eating healthily and so far no huge changes but a bit has come off and I don't feel deprived anymore at all. Love Patti xxx

CindyMae said...

What a great Easter exchange gift you received. Angela done a great job stitching and finishing! I have heard of that book before and was told that when put into action that is was great! I may have to check it out!

Andrea said...

Wonderful gifts from Angela.

Daffycat said...

Great Easter exchange! Angela does such nice finishing, doesn't she?

Robin said...

Such a wonderful exchange. congrats on the weight loss and the lifestyle change. I don't diet either, I follow weight watchers plan but I'll check out he gabriel method. I actually enjoy the research of weight loss and this sounds intriguing
robin pich/al

Becky K in OK said...

Thanks for the book title. I'm always fighting the weight battle. Your Easter pieces are just great. I just put the finishing touches on my EasterBird. I love these little longlegged birds.