Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I wanted to say Happy Easter to all my stitching friends around the world. Its going to be a hectic weekend for us so I am getting this posted early.
I am all ready and set with just our normal food shopping to get done today. I found a great Easter egg for my son who is a huge dinosaur fan, its one chocolate egg with some plastic model dinosaurs around it, he will just love that one. We usually spend Easter Sunday at home and then head to my parents house after lunch for the Easter egg hunt around the garden, my Mum usually buys my son a toy and has that as the gift at the end of the hunt.
I haven't had much time to do alot of stitching lately, I finished my ASOE Spring ornie and have that ready to mail by deadline, I have also been stitching the gift to include with my Stitching Bloggers Birthday Group recipient.
Kids are now on school holidays for two weeks and I am having the first week off work with my son, so hopefully I might be able to get some extra stitching done in this time. We are planning to go to the Fun Factory on one day and deciding on other places for the rest of the time. My husband is taking the second week off and he has decided on the movies, fishing and swimming, so we are up for a busy couple of weeks. I'm already exhausted thinking about it.
Sorry I dont have anything to show you this post, hopefully soon! Happy Easter one and all!
Until next time, happy stitching and dont be tempted by too much chocolate.


Angela P said...

Happy Easter dear friend :) I promise I won't eat too much chocolate (honest) LOL! Sounds like you have a fun and exhausting 2 weeks ahead! Enjoy.

Melissa said...

Happy Easter yourself. Have fun!

staci said...

Have a wonderful Easter Lisa!!!

CindyMae said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter filled with many blessings!

Daffycat said...

Happy Easter, sweetheart!