Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do You LOVE Lizzie Kate?

Hi all, my dear friend Angela who is a major Lizzie Kate fan, came up with a wonderful idea to start a Lizzie Kate Exchange. I will be helping her along the way as a co-moderator so she can have some time away from it, but it was all her wonderful idea. This will be a fantastic exchange group, Angela has set out some guidelines for the group and some rules on being a member, hop on over to the blog and have a good read through. If you feel you would love to be a part of the group please email Angela with your details (as per the guidelines) and she will send you an invite. Please be assured that we will not be letting just anyone join up, we will check out their blogs (if they have one) and research their involvement in other exchanges to make sure they have done the right thing in the past and carried through with exchanges etc. We want to make this a wonderful exchanging experience for our members and will make sure that all committments are carried through by all. We have also decided to make this a "No Extra's" exchange and all you will be sending is the stitched and finished piece.
So please come on along and visit the blog, have a good read through and join in the fun. We would love to see you there.
Happy Stitching to you all.


Daffycat said...

Been there. Signed up. Can't wait.

This will be fun!

tkdquintmom said...

Exactly what Daffy said! :-)

Angela P said...

Great idea! Thanks Lisa :)

Patti said...

Like Daffycat - been there, signed up CAN'T WAIT! Love Patti xxx

CindyMae said...

Just sent my email!!! I am excited!!