Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Year and new blog layout.
Wishing all my stitching friends a wonderful 2009, may your year be filled with happiness.
I have gone for a more tropical feel this time around with my blog, seeing as the weather over here is stinking hot and we are going through summer while most of you are making snowmen and cosy and warm infront of the fireplaces. (I'll swap you!!)
Two of my sidebar pictures depict two breeds of birds that I currently own and have built a large bird aviary in my backyard to accommodate. We still have some more to buy, but ranging from $80 to $200 a pair we tend to buy them gradually. We should be able to house 4 pairs, so we are thinking of a beautiful pair of yellow turqs and another breed of the kakariki parrot which has a yellow stripe on its head. All these parrots are classified as small parrots, and they have sweet chirping noises they make, not horrible screeching.
Next week I should have photos of my latest stitching finishes. I have managed to stitch a robin over christmas, my SBEBB Winter House exchange and my HOE LK exchange, mind you I can only put pics of them up when my partners have received, Sorry!!
Until next time, happy stitching dear friends.


Chrissie said...

Hi Lisa, yes, it sure is hot and I have to admit, I don't like it. Must be a thing to do new look blogs for the New year !! Your new look is very nice.


cathymk said...

Love your new look Lisa (the parrots are gorgeous). Happy New Year to you and your family. Goodness it's hot, hope you are not suffering too much.

Einschies stitching blog said...

Happy new year to youn too Lisa;-)))

We also had birds when I was young and I love the pics of yours;-))


Daffycat said...

Nice new layout!

I hate it when it's super hot so I feel for you. There is a couch if you wanna come spend the rest of winter with me!

I love Bourkes...they have to be the sweetest little birds! I didn't know you "did" birds!

Angela said...

Happy New Year dear friend :) I look forward to another year of friendship and stitching. Love the new blog look :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy New Year and great look!