Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Butterfly Robin

Between Christmas and New Year, I managed to finish off my CSRR group robin for Jerry. Its a 4 person robin and Jerry chose 4 season butterflies as his theme. I picked the Winter butterfly (as I was longing for Winter in this stinking hot weather here). There is only one more robin to stitch on for this group and that is Cyndi's snowmen.

I have stitched another two exchanges but I cant show photos yet until they get mailed and received. One is the SBEBB Winter House and the other is the HOE Lizzie Kate exchange, I really enjoyed stitching both of them aswell.

Well back to work for me unfortunately, it didn't even feel like a long break at all. I feel like I need another holiday already. The only good thing is that at least with work I am inside out of the stinking heat and in an airconditioned office, however, yesterday the air vent in my room decided to pack it in and I dont have any cool air flow coming through, aarrgghhhh. I have to suffer through another day and it should be fixed tomorrow. Roll on Winter pleeease!!!!!

Until next time, happy stitching everyone, and all you lucky ducks in in the UK, US and Canada enjoying your frosty Winters, I'm sooo jealous right now.


Daffycat said...

Pretty butterfly! I trade you a few of our cold days, if you like...

Angela said...

Love the butterfly :) You know me, I hate the heat as much as you do! It's snowing here tonight too and -10 degrees celcius with the windchill, I love it!

Laurie said...

You can have it (my cold weather that is)!! I'll trade with you in a heartbeat. I HATE winter!!! I can't ever get warm until sometime in May. I love snowmen themed things but hate winter-go figure! So send some of that hot weather my way please! Summer is my favorite season! take care!

cathymk said...


The men have just left after installing air conditioning at our house - it's heavenly!!

I hope your air in the office is fixed soon - I see the forecast for the next few days is not good!

Cyndi said...

Ooh - I get to do a butterfly like that? Cool! The one you did is lovely!