Friday, January 30, 2009

ASOE Winter Ornie & a Tag

Hi everyone, yesterday I received my ASOE Winter Ornie from Jill. She stitched "Winter Globe" by gazette94 on 36ct white linen with DMC, GAST, white beads and finished into a hanging pillow using #12 white perle cotton. I think its lovely and hangs beautifully on my ornie tree. Thanks Jill, I hope you receive mine soon.
I was also tagged by Melissa the other day, so now I have to mark down 5 addictions.
1. Cross stitch - of course, cant get enough of it.
2. Vampire movies and good horror movies.
3. Chinese food
4. My family
5. Winter - I much prefer it than any other season, I think I should have been born in Alaska!!

I wont tag anybody as it seems as if most of you have already been tagged, if not please feel free to take this prompt and use it on your blog.
BFN Friends


Daffycat said...

Beautiful ornament, Lisa! Enjoy!

cathymk said...

Oh now that's gorgeous!

Andrea said...

A wonderful ornament from Jill.

Angela said...

I love it, it's adorable :) Enjoy!