Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ornie's Galore!

Well its that time of year when all you really seem to be stitching is ornaments. I dont mind stitching ornaments, I try to do different finishing techniques with them to give me a little more variety.
I heard from two more dear friends that their ornaments had arrived in the mail, and I used two different techniques with their ornaments.

First up is the ornie that I stitched for Sandra (no blog) who lives in England. Sandra signed up for my PIF's during the year and we have stayed in contact. I picked the Prairie Schooler design from this years JCS Ornie special.

And the next ornie is one I stitched for Sharon, this one is the Lizzie Kate Blessings ornie "Song". These are such quick easy ornie's to stitch up and experiment with, I have just stitched up the "Family" one for my Mum's tree, just thinking of which way to finish it now.

We decided to put the Christmas tree up over the weekend. This year I have accumulated some lovely ornies from friends that I was able to display. I seem to have gone off the use of tinsel now and didn't use any at all, just the lights and the ornie's, and I think it is better looking this year. The top of my buffett stand I have placed all the stand up regular things like some reindeer and a tin santa and also a lovely snowman box that Angela made for me last year. I have also hung the stockings from my rocking chair. My little reading and relaxing nook has turned into Christmas land. I am hoping to take pictures this week and I will post a couple.
I was totally blown away by Becky's beautiful christmas home decorations, I particulary like the old world santas and her gorgeous snowmen on display. My christmas land is no where near as big a display as this, but I am hoping to collect some more santas and old world style ornie's over the years to make it more exciting for my son. Christmas is soo much more exciting when you have kids that start to understand the meaning of it more. My son cant wait to go and see Santa this year.
Thats all my latest news for now. Happy stitching!


cathymk said...

They are both gorgeous, Lisa! nice work!

Rachael said...

They are adorable, well done!!

Erica said...

Just lovely ornaments!

Daffycat said...

Thanks again for the lovely ornament!

Becky does decorate well!