Friday, October 3, 2008

My Perfect Snowmen!

As the heading says, My Perfect Snowmen have returned home. Yay!!! They were part of a 4 person personal robin with Angela, Jody and Eileen. I couldn't wait for them to return home as I was really interested to see how they looked on the evenweave I chose for them, its a beautiful pink hand dyed one which I received a while ago in an exchange. They turned out fabulous and I am really happy with them. Now I just have to figure out what to turn them into.
I also received my Designer Square exchange from Jody and she stitched me two small panels from LHN. They too are great, and now I have to work out what to make them into aswell.

My wonderful prize from Edgar arrived yesterday, he posted it in this large box, and boy did my eye's pop open when I saw it stood on my kitchen bench, WOW, I dont get many parcels that size so it was a real treat. The Motif Sampler kit that I won in his giveaway is just lovely and too nice to open and spoil, so I might just have to display it in the box in my stitching room. Thank you soo much dear Edgar for the lovely prize, I shall treasure it for a long time to come.

Currently Stitching on: HOE Mattress Pincushion - done front and back panels, now stitching side panels and will be ready to join.

Happy Stitching


Bliss said...

I love, love, love snowmen despite the fact that I now live in almost tropical Queensland, Australia. I've good memories of snow from the days I lived in the the Australian alps region and in France. I love your snowmen. So cute!

Janaina said...

Terrific pieces, indeed, Lisa! No surprise you are so pleased! =)
I have a suggestion for the 2 small LHN pannels: what about finishing them into 2 mattresses pincushions? Do you have more of that same fabric they were stitched on? It would be a lovely finishing and quite useful too.
The snowpeople piece woul be great framed or quilted into a Xmas cards holder.Just my 2 cents. =)

Angela said...

The snowmen look so much better now with heads! LOL. I love all of them and think the pink fabric really looks nice with the Snowmen!

Sharon said...

Your snowmen are perfectly lovely! Nice squares too!

Daffycat said...

Your snowmen turned out wonderful! Congratulations!

What lovely stitching you received too...

staci said...

Your snowmen are adorable!!!

Pumpkin said...

Adorable!!!! I just love this pattern and did it myself a few years ago but as a RR, that is very unique :o)

I see we have more in common than just Watership Down...I LOVE hedgehogs too and we used to have one named Spike :o) I'll definitely be putting you in my Google Reader!

Dawn B. said...

The snowman one is very cute..Love the fabric on this as well.