Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exchanges Have Landed!

I have been told by both of my partners that they have received the exchanges I sent them.

First up the HOE Mattress Pincushion to Gaby. I read through Gaby's likes/dislikes and picked up her love of strawberries, I chose the design which is by Heart In Hand called "Strawberry Song". It was my first mattress pincushion finish and I was a little nervous about the finishing, but thankfully it turned out really nice, and Gaby really loved it. I also included a CCN chart, some strawberry buttons, bag of charms, fabric, red ribbon and GAST threads.
My SBEBB Pumpkin Patch exchange recipient was Judith and I chose to stitch her another Heart In Hand design called "Autumn Bird" and finished it as a pinkeep. I actually added some leaf embellishments to the front just under the bird, but took my photos before that duh!! I included a Shepherd Bush chart called Pumpkin Stew, fabric, ribbon, pumpkin charms in a mesh bag and some GAST thread.
Over the weekend I finished up my MAW Mattress Pincushion for Sally, so as soon as it arrives to her I will post pictures. I also managed to stitch up another christmas ornie for my Crazy Exchange and finished up a small robin.

I didnt start anything new last night as the WWE CyberSunday Pay Per View Event was on tv and I had to watch my favourite wrestler Batista win the championship belt, woohoo. Its my husbands fault that I'm into the wrestling, as soon as we hooked up to Foxtel I had to watch it every Saturday and Sunday morning and I kind of got sucked into it, plus he always points out to me that I was the one screaming louder when we went to a live event one year, especially when Batista came out. hehe, no comment!!
Well happy stiching to you all and keep well.


Mel said...

Those are really cute.
OMG, I love Batista. I am so glad he won!! We don't have Foxtel at the moment but I am working on DH to get it back again. The only wrestling I get to watch is Afterburn on Sundays.

Daffycat said...

Your exchanges are wonderful! I especially love that strawberry design!

staci said...

Wonderful exchanges...I've done that autumn bird too, I think he's so cute. But I especially love your strawberry mattress pincushion, it's absolutely adorable!

Angela said...

Know what's funny, I am glad Batista won too, and I don't watch wrestling.

Andrea said...

Wonderful exchanges.

Sharon said...

Beautiful exchanges!