Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Latest News!

I had a rather eventful weekend just gone, with more finishes looming.
I finally finished the stitching on the needleroll and now just have to put it together, I bought the ribbon for the ends yesterday.
I also finished stitching on Angela's evenweave robin and should have a picture of it tomorrow to show you.
I have now been working on one of my PIF's. I picked up some backing fabric and ribbons yesterday to go with it and should have that one sorted by the end of this week, however photo's will take a bit of time to arrive as I would like to get them all finished and sent together, so no one is left waiting longer.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my flatfold, I was soo super pleased with it, its nice to hear from others what their thoughts are. In answer to MOM's question in my comments section, I learnt how to do the flatfolds by following Vonna's tutorial, on my side bar is a link to her site, The Twisted Stitcher, and she has a section of tutorial's listed on her side bar, they are easy to follow with photos to show you along the way. Hope this helps!!
I recently signed up for the SBEBB Pumpkin Patch exchange which I am really looking forward to, it will be my first exchange with this group and I'm pretty excited. It looks like there are some exciting exchanges coming up throughout the year here aswell, I think I shall be kept very busy, and I cant wait to start growing my smalls collection.
Thats really all the news I have to tell today. Hope to have some photos for you soon.
Bye for now

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Sandra said...

I love your flatfold too Lisa, it looks very professional, I haven't tried that finish yet, so I must remedy that.