Tuesday, August 12, 2008

F&S squares from Diane

I received my beautiful squares from Diane for F&S Round 8. She chose to stitch me a Prairie Schooler design and she stitched it over one. It is really beautiful and intricate and I cant believe how small the stitches are on it, I think I would go blind. Diane is a very talented stitcher, even the back looks amazing, almost like the front, I cant even tell where she has tucked the threads. I really love it Diane and will treasure it always.

Diane also made me another small item that I still need to take a picture of and I will post it tomorrow. It is over one again and just the cutest little gift.
I am still working away on my needleroll for HOE, I definately chose an intricate pattern, it doesn't look it on the picture but it has quite a bit of colour changes in each little item and that is what is taking up the time.
Enjoy your stitching time everyone, until next time.


Sandra said...

That square is amazing, when you go to the Fair and Square web site, you can click on it and see it close up. Lucky you Lisa.

Vonna said...

Diane did an amazing, amazing job...that was a lot of work there...

Daffycat said...

Wow. Those are really intricate. Nice stitching, Diane! Lisa~enjoy!

Angela said...

Those squares are just wonderful! Enjoy!