Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Finish

Over the weekend I decided to make the squares that Laurie sent me for F&S Round 7 into a pinkeep. I trimmed it with a silver toned cording and used purple/pink pins, and the ribbon on the top matched in well and I placed a silver and white pompom in the middle of the bow and used the pins to hold it in place. Different, but I like it!! Laurie's signature square is on the back but I forgot to take a photo.

Well we were without power the whole of Saturday and I couldn't even stitch because the weather is terrible at the moment and very overcast and the candles didn't throw enough light to safely stitch by. Even last night we kept having fluctuations with the power so it wasn't worth starting anything new. I managed to finish the flatfold that I am making for Karen on Make A Wish Exchange and went to my local craft store and bought the backing fabric and ribbons to match in with it. I will hopefully have that finished this week and mailed off, and then when it safely arrives with Karen I can post a pic.

I treated myself whilst at the craft store and bought myself a sewing machine, its only a basic one, just so I can broaden my finishing techniques and make wall hangings etc. I havent used a sewing machine since I was in high school, and it all looks pretty scary, but I'm sure I will get the hang of it after reading my little book and a few practices. I can also dabble in my quilting again which I used to do about 10 years ago but only by hand, now I can mix the two and be creative.

Well so far I have two takers for my PIF, Sandra and Laurie. I will still leave it open until Aug 1 just in case someone else comes along.

Thank you for all your comments on my award. I have met some wonderful people since being in blogland and I am soo glad I made that step into creating a blog a few months ago.
Happy stitching everyone.


Daffycat said...

Wonderful finishing on the squares!

Why was your power off????

Excellent buy on the sewing machine! Jess & I got one a while back and we experiment every now and again...I just need the time!

Julie said...

Hi Lisa! Great finish for the F&S Squares!
You know, I kind of would like to be without electricity for a couple of days, but in the fall or winter when it isn't so darn hot and I can have a fire. I so wanted it to happen last winter and it did flicker once, but just as I was getting the fireplace ready, the lights came back on. DARN IT! :-) Oh and it has to happen on the weekend as my job is one that I have to go to even in the event there is a blizzard! Darn that too! LOL

Carol R said...

Beautiful pinkeep finish! And I just love the hedgehog pics on your blog

Angela said...

The squares look wonderful! Congats on your new sewing machine!