Friday, June 6, 2008

You've Got Mail!

I love it when the mail man has a parcel or envelope for you that is too big for the letterbox, especially those padded bags or even boxes, they are just soo exciting to receive. Yesterday I received a large envelope, so it had to be charts!! It was the charts I had bid for on Ebay and won. I had been waiting for ages for them and they were only coming from within the same State, so it was due to someone not bothering to mail straight away (dont you hate that?).
Here is a pic of the contents:
Sisters & Best Friends - Spring Glory

Just Nan - Jump For Joy

JBW - Lamb

The Spring Glory one came with the beige evenweave and the Just Nan design came with the little rabbit charm which is really sweet.
I also received an email from Eileen in the UK to say she had received the biscornu I had made for her, it is the one in the main picture up the top of my blog.
I have some finishes but nothing I can put pictures up of yet. I sent out my Fair & Square Round 7 squares to my partner Laurie yesterday, I made a gift for a friends birthday coming up soon, I also stitched a fob for another friend but I didnt have the right colour tassel to add to it so that one is currently on hold so I am working on a bib for a lady I work with who is pregnant, she doesn't like cutesy babyish designs so I found something neutral and colourful and will post a picture when it is finished. (I was secretly happy about that as I really dont like stitching cutesy things anyway).
Until next time, happy stitching everyone.



Cyndi said...

Me too, me too! I like coming home and finding packages for me on the kitchen table (my husband picks up the mail at the p. o.). Yesterday an OOP Prairie Schooler pattern came, and another one's supposed to come today. Don't you just love ebay?!

Angela said...

I love packages too! Great new stash to keep you busy.