Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Needleroll & Stash

Over the weekend I decided to experiment a little and try a needleroll. I have a step by step tutorial which I kept looking at, then I would put it down with the typical saying "I'll try that another time", well this time I did it. I dont own a sewing machine yet, so I had to do the seams etc by hand, and even though the hem stitching seemed a little daunting and it was hard to follow the pictures of this method, I did finally manage to get the hang of it.

I was really pleased with the end result and feel confident making others. Here is a pic of my first needleroll.
I also managed to get some work finished on a robin, but it was too hard to take a really good photo of my section.

I also received my chart order from 123stitch. I'm really looking forward to starting on some of these pieces, I have plans for a couple and some of the others I just really liked the look of when I was looking through the site. I noticed after placing my order that I must have had a thing for bunnies that day, as alot of the charts have a bunny in them.
Stone & Thread - Hoppity, LHN - Wood Needlebook & Fob, JBW Designs - Rooster, The Trilogy - Happy Bunny Bunny Day, Lizzie Kate - Teaching is a Work of Heart, Cedar Hill - Berry Patch Rabbit, CCN - My Beloved and Prairie Schooler - In The Woods.

Until next time dear friends, Happy Stitching.


Angela said...

Lisa, your needleroll is amazing! You did a brilliant finish on your first attempt! Fantastic!

Michele said...

I just love your needleroll! congrats on your first one!

and wow, what great new stash! fun fun fun

anna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Lisa!! I especially adore this needleroll of yours! :)